Commissions, Tutorials and Original Art.


Please See below for the range of Services Jane Offers

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Please Note That No Prices are Shown as Each Piece is Bespoke and Personal to Each Client; Therefore Please Contact Jane for Pricing Information.

One of Janes Latest Commission Pieces


Jane offers a commission service mainly using supplied photographs as reference material; if your sitter is available and you live locally to Alfreton in Derbyshire, we may be able to come to your house to take photos for this purpose.

Jane will Demonstrate the Techniques She Uses to Produce These Paintings

Personal Tutorials

Jane Offers a Personal One to One or One to Two Personal Tutorial service; You will be shown the techniques Jane uses to produce her amazing paintings and you can paint as little or a much as you wish to; Jane will be talking and demonstrating throughout the day; all materials, lunch and refreshments are served throughout the tutorial time. Please contact Jane for more information concerning this Service.

This One is Sold, But More Are Available

Original Artworks

As well as Commission Pieces, Jane also has a collection of Original Artworks. Whereas Jane has shown as much of her art on this web site as she can, there are always more pieces in progress in her studio, so please do get in touch for further information regarding new pieces.

For the Commissions, photographs / reference material can be sent to Jane in a number of ways;

1 - by e-mail; if sent by e-mail they are better sent as attachments to the e-mail rather than embedded in the e-mail (shown as a picture on the e-mail). this is because a larger file can be sent if an attachment, and the larger the file e.g. the more mb (Min 1mb is preferred) on the picture the better Jane can use it, and zoom in to get all that lovely detail.

2 - by sending the photo itself if you do not have the photo electronically; just pop your photo(s) in a hard back envelope and send to the address shown on the contact page; these photos will be sent back to you with the completed painting.

3 - by digital camera disc or a memory stick or other hardware memory device; again just place in an envelope and send to Jane and we can copy your info off the device; the device would be returned with the completed painting, unless it was required before this, in which case Jane would send back immediately after use.

4 - if you are local to Jane’s studio, and the sitter is available for photographing, we can come to you to take the photos; we have lighting and technical knowledge to be able to take amazing reference material photos in whatever surroundings you would like; either in your home or (Weather permitting) at your sitters favorite place to be.

If any of the above narrative is unclear, please do not hesitate to call Jane for clarification, and she will be only to pleased to help where possible; see the contact page for details.