German Shepherd Painting
This is Sadie, 12" x 12" oil on canvas, a lovely girl - sold.

Black Labrador
"Fallon" Oil on canvas, 26"x 16". I decided to go with a black ground emphasising the light catching this black beauty - Sold

Border Terrier Painting
"Nancy" oil on canvas, 12" x12". I painted Nancy twice as I didn't like the first composition, I got there in the end - Sold

Weimaraner Painting
"Misty" Oil on canvas, 20" x 16". For my client, and to show Misty at her best when painting this girl, I wanted to work with a limited pallet and exaggerate the light. - Sold

Jess & Juno
Dalmations Painting
"Jess & Juno" 12" x 24" oil on canvas. With the reference material supplied by my client which was separate shots of the girls, I saw the chance of a panoramic composition of the girls close up and together - Sold

Brian & Betty
Border Terriers Painting
"Brian & Betty" oil on canvas 23" x19". My client sent me lots of great reference material to work from and I created this painting for her husband from separate images, a retirement present from the whole family - Sold

Terrier First Part of two Part Commission
"Oscar" oil on canvas, 12" x 11" this is one half of a double commission (With Charlie Below), white fur can sometimes be challenging, it is too easy to go in too dark with the shadows and values, so I had to re work this little guy in places, lessons learnt with every painting hopefully :) - Sold

Terrier Second Part of Two Part Commission
"Charlie" See Oscar Above for Description - Sold

Greyhound Painting
This painting of a much missed family member named Tiggy, captures her intense stare, which convinced her family, she knew what they where thinking.
Oil on panel 24" x 21 1/2" (600mm x 550mm) - Sold

French Bulldog Painting
"Boris" painted with oil on board, 12" x12",my client wanted me capture his boys intense stare, especially around dinner time, great name, and a Christmas suprise. - Sold

Diago & Star
Ridgeback dogs Painting
"Diego & Starr" Acrylic and oil on panel 16" x 16". I so enjoyed capturing the rich colours in these two very handsome dogs who are seen in one of their favorite places. - Sold

Molly & Summer
Two Dogs on Settee
" Holly & Summer" Painted with oil on panel, 26" x 19". We live quite close to this client so were able to visit, meet the girls and my hubby took some great reference shots for me to work from. Two very different characters, Holly has lost some sight, and Summer was very energetic, it was lovely to meet the family. - Sold

Dalmation Dog Painting
Oil on panel 12" x12"
This completed painting of Tasha, was a birthday gift for a clients husband.
The reference material showed all of Tasha, I decided to consentrate on the smaller area to suit the 12" x 12" - Sold

Branston & Thornton
"Branston & Thornton"
Painted with oil on panel, each painting approx 12" x 12".
Double commission, the reference material captured the boys at different times, I painted the same background to bring them together so they can be framed individually or as one piece.
The paintings were a Christmas suprise for my clients husband and family and a lasting tribute to their boys. - Sold

Labarador Painting
At the time this picture was painted, this clever girl Megan, had just qualified to be a working companion for the charity group "Canine partners".
My client who started Megan's training commissioned this painting as a way of keeping her close after the inevitable parting had to come, and Megan began her new life as a working dog.
I loved the way the grass reflected colour onto Megan's face and lit an otherwise dark area;
Oil on panel 16" X 14" ( 400mm x 360mm) - Sold

Boxer Dog Painting
"Murphy" painted useing oil on board 17" x14". A way for my clients to remember their much loved boy. - Sold

 George - Jack Russel
Recently it was my daughter Rachel and her fiancé Nick's birthdays, so I painted their boy George as a joint present, he is such a lively cheeky little chap with so much character to capture. Happy Birthday guys and hope you enjoy your painting (Not for Sale)

Benson - Labrador
This is Benson, whose tail I am reliably informed is always wagging
Oil on panel 16" x 14" (400mm x 360mm) (Sold)

Jago Darkstorm
Doberman Pinscher Show Champion
Affectionally known as Storm, an international champion show dog. Captured in oil on panel as a birthday gift for my cliens husband, 16" x 16" (400mm x 400mm) - (Sold)

This lovely girl is Phoebe a Labradoodle, I so enjoyed painting her, I want to thank my client Chris, he went with all of my suggestions, the composition and the light back ground.
Phoebe looks so majestic and warranted the larger painting.
24" x 24" (600mm x 600mm) oil on panel. (Sold)

Old Age German Shepherd
This is Sadie now in her older years although while I was painting her, it struck me how youthful her eyes still are.
Size Approx 20" x 20" oil on canvas stretched over board. (Sold)

Ed & Bobbie
St Bernard & his Owner
A painting done for Ed's special birthday, commissioned by his wife Michelle. As a repeat client they both love the result of Ed with Bobby.
Oil on panel 600mm x 400mm ( 24" x 16") (Sold)

Poodle and Spaniel Cross
The repeat client for this painting loved the result of her girl Koko, who has so many rich shades of brown in her coat, with fur in all directions, really enjoyed painting you Koko x
Acrylic on board 16"x16" (Sold)

Painting of Dog Laying in the sun
This boys name is Diesel, a loving gentle soul. My client loves the result of her devoted companion.
Acrylic on board 15"x17.5". (Sold)

Bertie & Bunter
2 Small Dogs
Oil on panel, 16" x 14" "Bertie & Bunter". I painted these two guys together from seperate reference material. - Sold

Mixed Breed Dog
The first half of a double commission; the lovely Ruby.
As always loved painting this girl, her character was easily captured. Ruby's companion Jade is below.
10" x 15" acrylic on board. (Sold)

Mixed Breed Dog

The second half of the double commission,a sweet and quiet natured girl named Jade ,her companion Ruby is the painting above.
10"x15" acrylic on board. (Sold)

Old Boy Labrador
Old Boy Labrador
A Christmas commission the lovely Oscar. Those lovely soulful eyes where a pleasure to paint. Acrylic on board 10" x14". A sweet natured older boy whose family wanted to capture in a painting for his mum for a Christmas surprise. (Sold)

German Shepherd Taking a Swim
German Shepherd Taking a Swim
Size 406 x 508  (16" x 20") The Original is Sold - Acrylic & Oil on Board (Sold)

Sid with Goggles
Sid with Goggles
This painting was a suprise wedding gift to a friend from all her work mates; this is the third painting for this client who bought the other two paintings of Sid seen below, named "Parsons Terrier" & "Sid"
Apparently Sid loves to travel in the side car of his owners motorbike, so needs his own goggles. (Sold)

Labrador Puppy
Labrador Puppy
Size 300 x 325 (11 3/4" x 12 3/4") The Original is Sold - Acrylic & Oil on Board (Sold)

6 Dogs
6 Dogs Portrait
Size 610 x  914 (24" x 36") The Original is Sold - Acrylic & Oil on Board
This painting of these six friends all in their home's garden was created from a series of old and new photos as only one of the dogs is still with us (the Alsation on the right), the challange was to create a composition that would showcase each of the dogs in their own right; the client was delighted with the result. (Sold)

Black & White Spinger Spaniel
Black and White Springer Spaniel
Size 330 x 330mm (12" x 12") The Original is Sold - Acrylic & Oil on Board (Sold)

Three Cocker Spaniels
3 Cocker Spaniels
Size 330 x 550mm (12" x 20") The Original is Sold - Acrylic & Oil on Board (Sold)

Afgan Hound
Afgan Hound
Size 405 x 280mm (16" x 11") The Original is Sold - Acrylic & Oil on Board (Sold)

For Sale - Size @ 178mm x 229mm (7" x 9") Arylic & Oil on Board

Springer Spaniels
Springer Spaniels
Size 405 x 305mm (16" x 12") The Original is Sold - Acrylic  Oil on Board (Sold)

Black Labrador
Black Labrador
Size 280mm x 300mm (11" x 12") The Original is Sold but Prints are available - Acrylic & Oil on Board (Sold)

4 Dog Commission
Painting of 4 Dogs, 2 St Bernards, Collie & Labrador
This Painting is Sold Size 1000mm x 500mm (40" x 20") Acrylic & Oil on Panel (Sold)
Jack Russell Puppy
This painting is sold Size 300 x 250 Acrylic on Board (Sold)

Black Dog
Black Dog
This painting is size 400mm x 300mm The original is sold, Acrylic on board (Sold)

For Sale This Painting is 300mm x 400mm Oil on Board

 English Pointer
I saw this English Pointer whilst out walking my dogs in a local park, I was taken by the dogs lovely lines and asked permission to take some photos, this painting is for sale.

This painting is 585mm x 440mm Acrylic on Wooden Panel and is for sale.

This Painting is 390mm x 1020mm Oil on Wooden Panel  (Sold)

Working Girl
Cocker Spaniel Working Dog Cassie
This painting of a working Cocker Spaniel Called Cassie was donated to the charity she works for, Support Dogs - Acrylic on Board. (Donated)

Black Cocker Spaniel
Black Cocker Spaniel Painting
This painting of a Cocker Spaniel is Sold, Acrylic on Board (Sold)

Springer Puppy
Springer Puppy Painting
This painting of a Springer Spaniel Puppy is Sold, Acrylic on Board. (Sold)

Jack Russel Study
jack Russel Painting 2013
This painting of a Jack Russel Study is Sold, Acrylic on Board, 365mm x 304mm Frame Size -(Prints are still Available) (Sold)

Jack Russel
Jack Russel
This painting of a Jack Russel is Acrylic on Board, 250mm x 300mm (Sold)

This painting of a Poodle is for Sale, Acrylic on Board, 300mm x 400mm (Not for Sale)

This painting of a Beagle is for Sale, Acrylic on Board, 300mm x 300mm

The Visit
weimaraner dog Under a Table During a Visit
For Sale The Visit - Oil on Board, 300mm x 400mm

Border Collie
Collie Commission, Acrylic on Board, 400mm x 400mm (Sold)

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Commission, Mixed Media - Oil & Acrylic on Board taken from Customer Supplied Photographs. 300mm x 300mm (Sold)

Springer Spaniel
Springer Spaniel - Jane Booth Fine Art
For Sale This Painting of a Springer Spaniel is Acrylic on Board - The original is for Sale - Size 350mm x 450mm as are the prints.

Parsons Terrier
Parsons Terrier - Jane Booth Fine Art
This Study of a Parsons Terrier, was Painted on Canvas from a Photograph.
The Original has been Sold; However Prints are still Available for Sale Size 400mm x 500mm. (Sold)

Study of Light
This Painting was as much a Study of Light as it was about the Subject.
Bella was in front of a Window, and I could not resist the different colours the light brought out on her face. (Sold)

Blue Eyes
This Painting is Part of a 2 Picture Set, This one is called Blue and the other is Brown Eyes. Both of the dogs were owned by the same person, painted as a commission. (Sold)

Brown Eyes
Brown eyes
This Painting is the 2nd Part of the 2 painting commission (with Blue). (Sold)

"Our Girl Penny"
Poodle (Penny) With Expectant Look
Penny is one of two two toy poodles that lived with me; She is sadly missed. 
I started this painting at the NEC Art Materials Live show in 2011 as a demonstration piece. (Not for Sale)

Gus In His Garden
The above painting of Gus was a commission, and was created using a number of photographs of his garden, and others of Gus himself, please see the testimonials page for the clients comments. (Sold)

Springer Spaniel
Louie was a shy old boy, but after ten minutes of us being there, he had relaxed and accepted us so we could take a number of photographs to produce the above painting; his owner was delighted with the results. (Sold)

Napping in the Sun
Penny Poodle Asleep in the Sun
As above, this painting is of one of my Dogs Penny, she was asleep in the sun, and the light was bleaching her fur into one glorious band of white, another irresistible painting challenge. (Not for Sale)

Collie by the Sea
The Background Seascape is in Wales, and was the favorite spot for Jaz to go walking, normally he never stayed still in one place, but almost as if he knew this one was for a painting, he sat and posed for this picture. (Sold)

Westie Dog in the Light
For Sale - And yet another one using light to emphasise the whiteness of Jack here.

Rip on Guard
jack Russel
This picture of Rip was painted at the same time as Bella (One of the Previous Paintings Above), they are great mates.  (Sold)

Parsons Terrier
Sid was a lively Chap, and I wanted to capture his lively personality in this painting. (Sold)

Springer Spaniel
This Picture was taken from several photographs, and a likeness was extracted from the different elements of the snaps supplied to create the painting. (Sold)

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